Google Pixel 3XL in 2022

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I am thinking to buy a phone. Don’t want to go with iphone becoz need Android only.

Is it good decision to buy pixel 3 XL in 2022?

It was launched at 83K approx but right now it is being sold at 21K on Amazon.

Have watch some couple of videos on yt, there are some shops who sell this phone at even low prices, need help if someone can suggest genuine websites?

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Prior to the  4th generation the Pixels were infamous for their sub-par battery life. 3.5 years after release 7-14% drop in battery capacity can be expected if not more under IDEAL storage conditions. I guess it’s no longer eligible to receive Android OS updates as well. Hard to recommend unless it’s the camera prowsess esp. in the 20k price range that is your main concern. Otherwise custom ROMs should be available for at least a few years to come. 

Edit: It seems only the 4GB version is selling here. I won’t recommend it at all. IIRC soon after release users were complaining about poor RAM management following which Google released an update that enabled 512MB ZRAM. If 4GB wasn’t sufficient in 2018 no way it will be enough for a modest multitasking experience going forward. A10 and in particular A11 were distinctly more memory-hungry updates. 

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Doubt these are Indian units with Manufacturer warranty. The official sales partner (Flipkart) stopped selling these long back. Its a big risk investing 22k on a year old model (Spares availability and repair could cost a lot)

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Don’t. Its support ends in May 2022.

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