Froud Company

Deal Newbie
Dear Team, Why you guys are doing froud with as I order a product you guys give me empty box you guys blocked my account as well I don’t know what is happening you guys are not giving me proper reply not unlocking my account and till now there is no progress I want my product otherwise give my money back otherwise I will do police complaint and will go consumers court and I will post this complete issue in social media everything you guys are not taking my call no one is giving me solution there is anything who can help me out otherwise you all guys are froud and flipkart is a respected brand this is very bad I will post this think in also social media I want solution I don’t know anything just unblock my account and give me refund a my product , as per your dissociation if you guys want any identification I am ready for that also I want my product that’s it do the need full. I am waiting for a long time what is the issue just unlock my account and give me product otherwise money back. My Order ID is OD118857318758806000 Please don’t buy anything from this company now they are not picking my calls not giving reply also.