Hands on experience with BOB Eterna Credit Card

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Bank of Baroda which runs credit card business under the entity BOB Financial Solutions Limited (formerly known as Bobcards Limited) recently launched a new premium credit card named Eterna.

It is one of a kind due to its high reward rate on accelerated categories like: online spends among others. Here’s everything you need to know about BOB Eterna Credit card


Application Process

After about ~2 weeks of sharing details online, I got the call for applying without opening bank a/c.

I shared all required documents and the physical verification was done a week later. Its odd to see the verification guy taking a snapshot of the home (exterior).

Verification went through but the card was “not approved due to internal policies”. It actually got stuck in an issue that caused this.

The issue was some policy change, which now asks for BOB savings ac for new applications.

I started escalating and got it sorted. So they re-checked CIBIL for 2nd time and then the card got delivered within a week of approval.

Note: Some users are getting fully digital application process too via Video KYC.

Credit Limit
It came with a decent credit limit in the usual range given for any Premium credit card.

While the credit limit is lot lesser than my other super premium cards, it is sufficient to begin the journey with.

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Lifted from Card Expert? or you are same siddharth rolleyes

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