Has Amazon removed return option for most products?

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Recently noticed that most unbranded Chinese products (like USB cables, laptop covers, etc.) on Amazon only have option for ‘7 days replacement’ and are not ‘returnable’. Earlier this wasn’t the case: most such products used to be returnable. Even accessories sold by Amazon’s in-house sellers like Appario do not have option for return.

So, has Amazon restricted the number of products that are returnable? Or is this account-specific?

P.S: I have returned a lot of low-value products (worth < 1k) over the years, so much so that whenever I place a return I see a banner that my return could be subjected to increased checks. This despite me being a Prime user. So maybe Amazon flagged my account for frequent returns and removed the return option?

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I really did not notice as I don’t care but anyway checked and it’s showing 7 days replacement period for accessories like data cable. 

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If the option is not there, just contact support and they will place the return request for your behalf. Worked for me many times in the past

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