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I have a standalone savings account in HDFC and recently received pre-approved Moneyback+ CC offer (not LTF). I am a housewife and donot hold any credit card and don't even have a cibil. I thought it would be good to start with something albeit it's a paid CC. So, applied and then the hassle started

We no longer stay in the address mentioned in my HDFC account and all the address proofs of the current residence are in not in my name. In one of the posts I read that we can get the card delivered to the nearest bank of there is an address change. So, I waited for the card to be dispatched and sent back. Later I received a call from customer care and they out rightly denied to send the card to nearest bank and so I thought to leave as is

Funny enough, one day after this debacle we received a call from HDFC agent saying that he is going to visit our house for KYC. It is weird that he has our current address and was going to verify the same. But, I denied the verification saying that we don't need the card anymore. I thought that the card would be cancelled since we rejected kyc, but, few days ago the card appeared in my HDFC app with card number etc, showing 1 Lac limit

Now I am not sure what to do, I am receiving mails to activate the card or it will get cancelled. What would be the best option for me to choose?

It is not that easy for house wife without cibil to get a cc, so, would it be wise to get it cancelled? If i don't have to, what are my other options? Can activate and start using the card online since I have all the details in the app? If i want to keep it how to get it delivered to the current address? I have an infant and it would be hard for me to run around the bank multiple times

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Hdfc won't deliver credit/debit cards to nearest branch..ICICI does this...

.if the delivery partner is blue dart.. visit  bluedart office with I'd proof and collect the card..i did this 3 year's ago..

.Call hdfc CC ,ask them accepted documents for adress change in credit card..

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