Haven’t received Axis insta kit, possible fraud?

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So before two days I opened a current account with Axis Bank. During this process, the bank representative asked whether I prefer to receive the insta kit (a standard generic kit containing a cheque book and debit card, provided immediately ) or if I opted for the personalized welcome kit, which typically arrives 4-5 days after opening the account. I informed the representative that I was comfortable with the welcome kit.
 However, today, I received an email stating that the insta kit had been handed to me and my account is now active. I also noticed that a cheque book was issued to me two days ago.
 I haven’t received the insta kit from the agent and he is saying he doesn’t have any insta kit and that ill recieve my welcome kit in 4-5 days.
 Does the bank agent have my chequebook ?Can he withdraw funds from my account by forging signature?

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