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Today the credit card team called me and told me I was pre approved LTF cards iocl and moneyback. Will it give 5% CB at other fuel outlets also like HPCL?
One more doubt, she is stating that my limit is 1lakh and she again confirmed and told current bank balance for trust purpose. Really my limit will be l lakh?
I heard that the minimum fuel surcharge is 10+gst at IOCL and banks give only 1% surcharge waiver, HDFC also follows the same path?. Can anyone confirm?
In net banking it's not showing any pre-approved card but getting constant emails of credit card.
Kindly guide me.
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Pre approved offers may not show in net banking but if you got the mail then you are eligible.

IOCL HDFC provide cashback in leu of reward points not direct cashback. This can be converted to IOCL rewards points through net banking and iocl reward can be redeemed for fuel directly at selected outle by providing you mobile number. Or iocl rewards can be converted to specific gift card like Bigbasket at their IOCL App

And also you will get fuel surcharge of 1%.

These are the things i know. Correct me if i am wrong

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5% fuel points on purchase of fuel at any outlet like HPCL?
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