Hdfc Smartbuy Cashback clarification

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I bought one plus nord when it launched(Aug 6th). I purchased it using hdfc Smartbuy link and also availed the no cost emi option through hdfc MoneyBack Credit Card.
I took screenshots of all T&C and amazon transaction details.

It clearly says that the offer is applicable for no cost emi.

After 3 months when I checked with customer care, they says that the cashback is not applicable for smartemi options. They are saying that the transaction is converted to the smartemi.

But I used the no cost emi.

So please someone clarify is there difference between smartemi and no cost emi.
I know that the Smartbuy Cashbacks are not reliable, but even with all the proofs they are denying the cashback.

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You should get CB, they are lying
SmartEMI: after purchase u login to NetBanking, select unbilled txn and choose smart EMI which is not No cost EMI

Interest charged is same as NO Cost EMI discount?

Their CC reply is so crude, mostly illiterates are operating: check=checked;consent=concerned;conformed=confirmed
and they are not clearly writing it as converted to SmartEMI
Reply to them that you will escalate it to Nodal officer and RBI

Recently I had to fight with YesBank for paytm cashback: Denied CB for txn done at 11.30PM on last day of offer,
1.tried to deny CB saying its already issued referring to similar CB for txn of earlier month
2.later rcvd email mentioning only that txn at merchant settled after offer date but funny they are not writing ‘CB denied’ I asked them to clearly mention CB denied as merchant settlement date is after offer date(I too had all SS) then they silently credited CB.


RBI banned them from issuing new CC, may be b’cos they have been cheating many customers like this


Mail to PriorityRedressal. Credit Cards @ hdfcbank .com (without spaces) they are better at handling such issues which are not handled by basic credit card support.


Sc your amazon order where there will emi discount (as its no cost) and say emi was availed upfront which is not smart emi


Sorry for the late reply guys.

I sent mail to PriorityRedressal CreditCards as suggested. Again got the irrelevant replies from them.

“Grievance Redressalcc
Thu, 18 Feb, 10:22 (5 days ago)
to me

Dear Mr. xxx,

This is further to your recent e-mail dated February 17, 2021, regarding your HDFC Bank credit card account.

We have noted your comments expressed with regard to the non receipt of cash back towards the transaction dated 06.08.2020 for Rs.24103.42 incurred at M/s. amazon. Basis your complaint, we had taken up appropriate review and we wish to inform you that the offer is applicable on Credit card Easy EMI Transactions on SmartBuy Amazon-exclusive store for transactions done from 01.10.2020 onwards. Hence the cash back was not credited for the above mentioned transaction.

Please feel free to write to us at: [email protected] for any further assistance / clarifications that you may require in this regard."

I replied them to go through the screenshots of Terms and conditions again. For that they asked me to wait for few more days.

“Grievance Redressalcc
Mon, 22 Feb, 23:56 (22 hours ago)
to me


This is further to our interim response dated February 18, 2021, regarding your HDFC Bank credit card account.

Taking complete note of the circumstances explained by you, we are looking into the queries in all earnestness. As our review are still in progress, we will provide our detailed response in 5 working days. We request you to bear with us and thank you for your co-operation in this regard."