Heaps of 2000 Rupee Notes found in Tollywood Comedian Vennela Kishore's Home

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It’s been 24 hours since RBI's sensational announcement of demonetizing 2000 rupee notes. With this, everyone has now started exchanging big notes.

Recently, a photo of Tollywood’s famous comedian Vennela Kishore, where bundles of 2000 notes are piled up at home, goes viral.


Manchu Vishnu, the famous hero of Tollywood industry, took a picture of two thousand currency notes lying in piles here. Shared on social media. He posted on social media that he went to Vennela Kishore’s house and saw these two thousand notes.

With cancellation of two thousand currency notes in total… this post by Manchu Vishnu on comedian Vennela Kishore is becoming more viral on social media. It is known that the RBI has clarified that the current 2000 note will be valid only before September 30, 2023.

Expiring In 22 days
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Manchu vishnu wantedly made this tweet just for fun as the Vennel Kishore is a comedian cum director.

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I was wondering where are 2000 notes?. So it's here smile

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