Help from fellow dimers regarding getting good genuine mango and litchi plants online


I want a mango and litchi plant for my home and wanted to procure it online as it gives more options in varieties especially in case of mango....

I have searched the internet and youtube but couldn't get any trustworthy platform for the same..... If anyone has any experience from any platform or nursery which delivers online and provide assistance it will be helpful..... 

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Buy 1kg Mango 1kg litchi , eat them.

Plant the seed of the sweetest ones.

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Bro that's not how mango and lichi plants grow.

Mango plant will take 8 years to grow if you want it from seeds and that too will be not same as parent fruit.

Best option is grafting.

Same goes with lichi .

I bought 4 plants this week from jio Mart .

Hope they survive this summer. 

There are some options on shopsy also bought 2 plant's from that today .

Will receive them in 5-6 days..

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All 4 plants came in good condition .

Height was 1.5 feet approx as mentioned earlier n product page.

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