Help me find a good super top up health insurance policy


Friends, Looking for a super top up policy of 1cr as my corporate already provides 5L cover. I thought ACKO will be good as they are advertising so much but they took all my data and finally said "sorry we are not able to service your requirement at this time". The only other insurer I found is Star Health who offers super top of 1cr at a reasonable rate and with just 1yr waiting period for critical diseases. TATA AIG was another one which had very reasonable rate (though more than star health) but their waiting period is 3yrs which I think is a lot.

So please help me identify a policy which is from a good insurer and at a reasonable rate.


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How is care insurance? Or niva bupa

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No insurer gives insurance for critical diseases.  You must have gone with Acko because it was cheap now that they rejected the policy you have to disclose it to other insurers while applying. Don't focus on price when it is related to finance. Avoid Star.

Tata is OK. Any big company is fine. But hdfc has only 20 lakh max so better to avoid. 3 year is default waiting period.

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Acko didn't reject.. When I filled the details on their website then they said sorry we are not yet in your area and we are expanding, etc. etc.

Why avoid Star? It covers critical illness like cancer treatment, heart ailments, etc. after 1 yr waiting vis-a-vis others requiring 3yrs.

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Using HDFC ergo for the last many years. Coverage 10 lacs.

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