Help ! Needed Clarification

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Deal Cadet

Yesterday I posted the deal of [Tripr Men’s T Shirts upto 90% off starting From Rs.99] which got merged with this deal[] To which I gave a response for clarification(objection) that please check both Title and Link because both are different, so they checked and said that I unmerge now but then they said that they could not unmerge due to technical issue  Which they have given assurance to do till tomorrow (meaning today), which obviously has not happened till now.

Then a deal of [Cello Finegrip Blue Ball Pen – Jar 25 Units | Ball Pens for Smooth Writing | Blue Ball Pens | Ball Pens for School & Office | Ideal for Work from Home | Cello Stationery] which was posted on 4th october at ₹95 which was now expired, so I posted the deal of that pen at a different price which was at ₹105 on which to apply coupon of ₹7 off After now it was getting ₹98, it was merged with the deal of ₹95, To which I gave a response for clarification(objection) they told me send the link, I check, then I sent the link but now its price was at ₹99 which was After applying ₹7 off coupon, it was getting ₹92, so I asked him whether posting it would still be considered a repost, so there was some confusion in understanding him but he again said that it will be unmerge ASAP, which apparently also hasn’t happened yet.

And then something happened due to which I decided to write this post:
I posted Flipkart supermarket deal in which a ₹ 100 coupon on ₹ 1200 and a reward which is ₹ 150 off on Grocery in exchange of 25 supercoins and in addition to these flipkart deals category of minimum 50%, 40%,30% and 20% off link which was posted by someone else but this is not a miraculous or hidden deal, it was, is and probably will be for ages as a section in the flipkart app.  Then what was it like in this deal that it was merged with the other deal by saying repost and when clarification is sought regarding this, no response is being given to me either.

Any suggestion and instruction is most welcome.