Help on Google storage issue as exceeds 15gb


I want buy 100 GB storage for year at 1350 per year

I want dimer suggestion

Is there any chance of buying gift card and pay 1350 ??

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Take google one membership from timesprime instead fot 6m

Cool Cool
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Redeem Google membership(6m) from Times prime or buy it from trading section. (will only work in Google account which have never subscribed Google one)

Next time activate in different Gmail account and add the main account as family member.

Generous Generous
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Buy TP Google one membership from trading section - a lot cheaper than official rates 😃

Deal Major Deal Major
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One time u can take tp gone membership for 6months and if u wish to buy and pay then u can buy googleplay gv at discount and pay your premium.

Deal Colonel Deal Colonel
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Check if these offer showing in ur Google One app.


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