Help: S23 Ultra should I buy from India or USA?

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Guys, your answer to these questions will help me a lot to make the decision. Thanks in advance.954921632

Q1- If I buy Samsung S23 ultra from the USA, will I get a warranty in India?
Q2- What is the difference in Software\hardware between India model and USA model? 

Q3- Call recording will be there in the USA model?
Q4-  Will you suggest to buy in India or get it from USA (My friend is coming from USA after 15 days)

Q5- How much will the price difference in USA and India model?
Q-6 - If you suggest buying from the USA, then what are the best options to buy it? Offline Store or online (Amazon or something else) 

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Refer the below discussion

Kindly note the current offer is only applicable till Sept 20 2023 ( though there is high probability of it being extended ) so you need to complete the process at the earliest to avoid any last minute surprises

This is the best price possible currently for Samsung S23 Ultra Offline / Online . 

You can get Galaxy Z Flip 5 / Galaxy Z Fold 5 for good rates from the Facebook Marketplace / Swappa / Ebay but life of a foldable against proven S23 Series is still debatable. 

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Q1- No

Q2- Naturally software will be customised for country where it is sold. You will not get call recording, Samsung Wallet UPI and may be you won't be able to add indian Credit cards in Samsung wallet.

Q3- No

Q4-  I will only suggest you to buy from USA IF you are getting it UNLOCKED and price is below 70k INR. provided that you are OK with losing warranty and india specific features mentioned above.

Q5- in India , base model you should get for 90-95k if you avail all offers. In USA you should get good deal from Google Fi which was low. There is already detailed discussion and process on dd.

Q-6 - Wherever you can get cheap with local USA warranty as your friend can test it and return if any issues.

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