!! HELP !! Videocon D2H Dish Stolen

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Hello Friends / Dimers, need guidance related to this Scenario

I live in a Building, which has multiple flats on each floor.
My Videocon Dish stand was damaged as part of strong winds, so the support to the dish was lost and it hung in midair.
As i was already having Firestick and a fast and stable Internet connection and had put the D2H connection on temporary de-activation, i did not give importance of getting the stand repaired.

Cut to current day, someone has taken away the dish without my knowledge.

Would need your expert advise in terms of
1) what do i do with the Balance of 1100+ in my account. I do not intend to get a new dish for the sake of this amount
2) Is there an option to transfer this balance to someone else?

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I saw at my uncle’s place. He is using one dish antenna for two set-up boxes. But you will have to fix this type dual LNB on someone else’s dish – https://www.amazon.in/dp/B091...VT You can ask detailed functioning of it with your cable operator.

Or, you can ask in your society whatsapp group if someone wants to utilise this balance and lend him your stb and take money. Remember to customize channel list accordingly.

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Chatri is not important.
STB is most important as in you’re case it holds a a BIG amount.

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If someone else connects your STB ( set top Box ) to their dish antenna they can access TV and watch using your account utilising that 1100 rupees. I don’t think they ( Service provider) would allow account to account balance transfer. Other thing you might try use your STB digicard and put it in ( swap) other similar STB see if that works. ( Chances are thin though)

So basically you can sell it. Just change phone number details linked to your account to buyer’s phone number.

Or use solution by @saucap

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M.MAHI wrote:

Chatri is not important.
STB is most important as in you’re case it holds a a BIG amount.

100% right
dabba baech do = SELL THE BOX AT LESSER PRICE.

Kuch na milne se accha hota hai ..kuch milna.
Getting Somethingh is better than nothing

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