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Hello fellow dimers. I have been a silent user of Desidime for a couple of years and I have seen people getting help here for almost everything. I am in a predicament and in need of serious help
I was diagnosed recently with Fatty Liver stage two. I am a teetotaler. I don’t drink but I eat a lot. I am a non vegetarian and had lead a sedentary life style till recently. I have started working out after the diagnosis but with a family history of liver disease I am really worried. I am 31. Apart from working out and controlling diet, is there any other thing like medicines or anything else which can help in clearing my fatty liver? I follow a diet but not very strictly. Are fat burners any good? I have heard anti oxidants are good, will they help? I have consulted 2 Liver specialists and both of them asked me to take it lightly and only advised to control diet and exercise. This condition is keeping me up and I would be really grateful if anyone could help

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it is better to take advice from a doctor rather than taking free advice of persons…becoz it is about ur health

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Thanks for the prompt replies. The only medication I am taking right now is Evion and my doctor hasn’t advised anything else. I just want to know if anyone knows anything that I don’t know. For example medicines in Ayurveda or Homeopathy. I live in a tier 4 town and have consulted the best Gastro doctors here. It is just that if there is anyone with the particular problem who has some information of their own?!

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Try some ayurvedic medicine
Drink rasin water in empty stomach
(That too ist concern with someone
Will help.

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consult with your doctor. Don’t try to be your own doctor. Thanks.


1. drink lots of water
2. check your blood sugar levels. fatty liver is often associated with diabetes
3. avoid red meat and eggs and preferably switch to fish only
4. have regular meals in moderate quantity at regular intervals. the biggest damage to the liver is caused not by alchohol but by irregular food habit
5. reduce your sugar and salt intakes
6. have nuts like walnut and almonds in small quantity daily
7. drink daily a cup of coffee and one or two cups of green tea
8. avoid all fried foods
9. have high fibre diet, lots of fruits particularly fruits that are high in Vit C and vegetables and low carbs
10. avoid any sort of packaged food and completely avoid cold drinks
11. replace rice/wheat with oats/coarsegrains like millet, at least for one meal
12. have a bowl of home made curd daily
13. every night put a spoonful of “Trifalla” in a glass of lukewarm water and drink the water next morning in empty stomach
14. walk at least 4 km daily

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Dont take any medicine. There is no medicine for fatty lever.

You only need to control food. Take clear veg/non-veg soup from morning to evening (around 1 ltr). Take food at 6pm (one time per day)
Take only protein food (egg/checken/veggies) cooked with Coconut oil/ghee. Just avoid all carbs (rice/wheet etc). Try for 15 days and go for test.

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chirag.b wrote:

Try some ayurvedic medicine
Drink rasin water in empty stomach
(That too ist concern with someone
Will help.

Ayurvedic? Kya bhai Mar ne ka plan hai kya smile
bechare ko Umar dekh, he’s just 30

@ op Eat roti, cut on rice, carb meat
get a treadmill if u could, burn more calories

NeibaZhimomi wrote:

well, it seems you are fairly keyed in on what’s what.
so instead of putting too much mind at such places for advice
surround yourselves with more credible education sources (people from the field) or yourselves read up and understand and keep eyes, mind open to how amazing our internal wiring and machinery is smile

the cautionary alert, bad news is

“beyond a point” cirrhosis is irreversible.
but even then.. just like the amazingly miraculous regenerative powers of salamanders.. Homo Sapien (last of the human species) livers too have TREMENDOUS regenerative powers (self repair mech) and give self created ailments or diseases (like Hepatitis) a good run for the money.

i’ve been ballooning last couple of years.
(though age and body markers might be different) same case as you except, vegetarian this side.
and couple of years back.. …. wasn’t that sedentary
(now going for regular 5-6 kilometre walks have lifestyle or physical constraints)

teetotaller but ex-smoker (smoked for few years and not that heavy)

not that above was relevant but it gives a reference point.
seen couple of close ones go under various invasive procedures for avoidable, unavoidable reasons and suddenly interest piqued in such things.
(was already briefly headlong into all kinds of gore videos)

but totally withdrew from gore
to now
watching all kinds of post mortem, autopsy and medicolegal/ forensic videos or surgical procedures
(though nothing astonishing on open web/ ytube anymore)

in my half baked knowledge, i again hope iyam wrong
but once livers start getting oversized (due to getting overworked or too much toxins, alcohol, substance abuse in the system)
there is hardly any scope for the cirrhotic liver to come back to the same size and health as in its heyday
(both: scarring or failure from alcohol abuse as also a fatty liver.. literally fat cells accumulated in liver.. are both referred to as cirrhosis)

unlike say a brain failure or heart failure, liver failure may not present itself as sudden trauma
(like i said, the bugger keeps fighting till the end)
but symptoms of gradual liver failure DO show up in various places.

unlike subcutaneous fat/ blubber that might be helpful
(sometimes) easier to surgically get rid of..
the visceral / intra organ fat or fatty tissue an entirely different story.
very tacky to handle EVEN DURING autopsies😀
(the kidneys always intrigue me. always well protected by fat on all sides. makes me wonder why my scrotum could not be replaced by something more efficient to wrap my testicles up😬. no fatty tissues, no ribcage or skull and so many damn pain sensors in the scrotum and testis 😅why😅? poor design.. or genius design?)

anyway, back on track;
if the above does not instill enough concern …. …or even fear to mend your ways
maybe you should come to the dark side
watch some of these videos
or better still if some of these invariably moronic students who jokingly or for fun make such videos .. can be befriended
or you could
officially take access to some class in progress where some dissection of a cirrhotic liver or post mortem of any obese patient or cadavar is being conducted.

perhaps seeing that "this is me, this is my heart, my liver’ .. N years from now.. might knock enough sense in one for them to buckle up.

generally speaking, minor but consistent changes are enough.

like in my case, though neither of my own grandparents had obesity (that I know of)… being overweight runs on both sides of my family tree.

though vegetarian, i’ve consistently made conscious efforts to cut down on late night binges or raiding the fridge post sundown.
having fixed biological clock makes a REALLY big difference.

i know of people in their late 60s or beyond
routine means routine
early to bed early to rise apart
not eating too much outside foods even when travelling
consistency of meals and at same time

not even a 24 hour break in routine
(no Christmas, Holi, Eid, Nuvroz or such ..oh but today is okay)
they may indulge themselves but only in specific cases.
so besides getting rid of eat sleep poop eat sleep lifestyle
→ light, even few kilometres walk per day is okay (and walk means brisk walk.. not the romancing someone on phone call and strolling)
→ avoid eating after sundown
°° if at all addicted to binging.. try keeping sprouts or simple roasted peanuts/ jaggery or actual dry fruits around (non fried, non salted dry fruits)

→ not much idea of what’s what for non vegetarians but i guess red meat (bade ka maas/ beef, lamb and all .. do mess things up.. isn’t it?
also some pork stuff is (i think) not as bad as some of the fatty cuts

→ but overall I guess, the way commercial animals ate bred, sea animals are poisoned with toxicity.. there is more to gain by avoiding.

→ certain genetic markers NEVER change so one"s gotta live with that. maybe get checked if any bad genomes are active / more active in one or making one more susceptible.
(not related to obesity. but colour blindness is “off” in me but a cousin of mine is colour blind. poor guy had it rough in his childhood. no elders realised he isn’t dumb but colour blind.. he was butt of the jokes till it got diagnosed, understood)

→ live life happy as the trained medical professionals said. taking second opinions is okay too. but don’t let ANY fears prevail too much.

and if all this wasn’t enough
(and iav no idea what is kosher to post here and what might be a no no)
you can start off by watching some of these smile

⚠caution⚠ graphic contents (please avoid if such things might flip you badly)

let’s start off with the “totally” gone (scarred) one, shall we😊?

severly cirrhotic liver (trucker)

a truncated clip of a slightly more detailed explanation (NOT APPLICABLE FOR YOU, teetotallers)

then, this is
the BBC4 documentary which has the unboxing video of the cadaver of this American (in her 60s unless i’m mistaken) lady

many smaller parts off that episode have been stolen and.put on-line.
(though the poor audio-video complete video too is an unauthorised upload)

this larger edit has ALL of the main visceral organ’s examination

whereas this ultra short edit mostly has the organs of thoracic cavity
Sekhar smile THIS is the one in which you can get a slightly up close and personal look at what almost a fortnight old cadaver’s (donor’s) fatty liver looks, feels like and fails like sad sad

of-course, partial or (in extreme cases) almost complete liver transplants are very commonplace. (trigger alert: that Titanic— Heart Will Go On instrumental plays NON STOP)

but those too are often fraught with complications (like: both side’s immune systems getting onto each other, the way couples of 40-50 years sometimes get on each other when having a tiff.

to wrap up, i reiterate
∆ none of this was to hurt, traumatise or overwhelm.
∆ iyam not at all a medical professional or implicitly or explicitly claim any credibility in the said matter or matters
∆ i’d rather have one NOT depending on Yahoo, Google or advice of strangers in unrelated field.
∆ all this, rather than scaring, was only to keep one provoked enough to keep on track.
° though now no longer within reach of many of the paid journals, reading up on things or talking to (now mostly emails or online) people in the field and watching such videos keeps me motivated
most of the time.

Learn to read the signals our own physique gives.
if it hints that it needs a break, then it should be given.
Say on some occasion you gorged on heavy, sumptuous meals.
if the body tells that go slow
do let it recuperate and mend itself
(at which it is MUCH better than we credit it)

Nobody who is well nourished dies even if only on water.
[i myself, on two occasions, have been on water and coffee (no milk or cream, coffee liqueur) for seven dsys plus. each time]
Go easy for at-least three four days for it to fix the mess and then try heal itself.

hope you follow a regimen, get DNA and other markers ruled out, stay happy and get fitter. smile

NeibaZhimomi wrote:

Content has been removed!

I was expecting you will suggest Drink Strong Detergent hot water so that all fat gets dissolved or roll heavy stones for putting lever into swift action..
Tch Tch..

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Harish.agarwal wrote:

Ayurvedic? Kya bhai Mar ne ka plan hai kya smile
bechare ko Umar dekh, he’s just 30

@ op Eat roti, cut on rice, carb meat
get a treadmill if u could, burn more calories

Ppl are having daibities in 30

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You Should consult a doctor but if you cant do it try Himalaya Liv 52 DS one of my friend was into steroids and bodybuilding and his liver was almost gone so he started taking LIv 52 DS and he started recovering in span of 3 months and he is still hale and hearty But i would strongly advise you to go to a doctor .

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sekhars88880 wrote:

Thanks for the prompt replies. The only medication I am taking right now is Evion and my doctor hasn’t advised anything else. I just want to know if anyone knows anything that I don’t know. For example medicines in Ayurveda or Homeopathy. I live in a tier 4 town and have consulted the best Gastro doctors here. It is just that if there is anyone with the particular problem who has some information of their own?!

I also have fatty liver, take it lightly….
It just means tyres of vehicle are showing worning sign. Doesn’t mean that they will bust anytime.
There are many worse stages of liver problem and people with those stages live longer than doctors expected.
Just follow few basic life style changes doctors and post above have recommended. No need of extra medicines.

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Thanks for all the hep in form of comments. I had kidney stones previously and did undergo laser treatment and even had a stent put in to get them removed but in vain. So when I heard about getting help from a homeopathic doctor from a friend, even though skeptical, I went ahead with it to give it a try. I haven’t had stones for the past 3 years now thanks to the medicine. If anyone has kidney stones they know the pain involved in it. I am now completely pain free thanks to a suggestion from an unlikely source. I was hoping for something like that. I am under strifnt supervision and consult a gastro at least twice a a year. I get my abdomen scan done twice a year to see how my fatty lever is regressing. Have been using evion by the doctor’s advise but he told me it is rather a vitamin rather than a medicine. I have control over my diet and have completely avoided sugar and oil to an extent. I have to undergo Medical check ups every year and it is a mess every time. That is why I am trying to get rid of it completely as well as to be the healthiest. Since this is the largest people sourced website I know, I was hoping someone got rid of it with a healthy lifestyle or medicine or something like that.