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Hey offline merchants! Which business app do you prefer to accept payments?

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I've started hating Paytm overall because their product is trash. Full of Ads, full of bugs, isn't reliable & wants money for everything to the point where it's not usable at all. It wants money to get a simple personalized (only with name) QR standee, for SMS notifications etc. Recently they seemed to have removed audio notifications in phone (temporarily) to sell their sound boxes.

Makes it hard to login with limited attempts, needs SIM in the phone & many other a-hole requirements. It also gets hit with RBI bans every now and then. Since the past few weeks, it's not letting me login to the business app even to a profile that's been there for years.


Google Pay on the other hand has been quite reliable till now. Can get a fully customized high quality QR kit for free, every 6 months. SMS is free, the app is clean, can login to any phone just by logging in to the Google account, can give access to other people as well just by scanning a QR (a feature Paytm or PhonePe can only ever dream of).


I haven't tried PhonePe yet because I don't like the company overall. They're related to Flipkart & the product shows that. Can't even delete the account FFS. 

Also, I hate them for their a-hole moves like rejecting rupay CC payments on their merchant QR from apps other than PhonePe while all other company's QR accept CC from any app.

Since I only have a CC added in my UPI app, it's become my nature to skip shops until I find one which has Paytm or GPay QR on the table since I know that those with PhonePe QR won't show the CC option more than 90% of the time.


I like Amazon's services as a normal customer but haven't even though of Amazon Pay as a merchant since their flawed security for normal user accounts doesn't let me trust them with money like this.


Which one do you like?

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Google Pay occasionally gives small rewards for accepting payments..

And yes, They are reliable with super fast settlements and no sms charges and such.

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