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Horror diaries

Let's start a horror thread.
(Hope it's not against the rules grimacing).

Share some of the horror stories and experiences.

Let's have fun. flushed

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Saffron BPO Gurgaon – Most haunted place in Gurgaon

Built on top of a graveyard, This BPO is considered one of the most haunted places in the Gurgaon. According to legend, this company had a person called Rose who was basically employee of the month for every single month – punctual and hard working. One day, after a strangely long phone call, she went on extended leave, which was strange in itself. Her colleagues asked her landlord about her but were told that no such girl lived there. After an extensive search, they traced her family, who claimed that Rose had died more than 8 years ago. Her friends and colleagues were left traumatised and brain damaged, and the spooky mystery remains to this day

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Am I the only one who turned from a fattu to totally fearless? As a child I used to think I might be the most fattu person on this planet. I never used to sleep alone. I was afraid to even roam in my own house even during daytime. Then when I grew up, all fear was gone. I can go anywhere anytime alone. Even to the most haunted places like a cemetery I can sit alone whole night no problem. In my village I go everywhere, even those places which are haunted according to the villagers 🤷‍♂️

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Couple of weeks ago I had met with an accident. First while crossing a street a black cat crossed my road. Some repair works were going on the road. How to describe it! The tarmac of the road was laid unevenly. The patch of the tarmac (newly laid) was sitting a bit higher than the rest of the body of the road. So, I drove above it. I was driving super slow. And when the tyre touched unevenly raised road surface the activa just fell down. I felt as if somebody held me in place. Basically I stood there and the activa fell. Muffler guard broke and rest of the activa was in tip top condition and I was standing. There was nobody around me. And there were these finger marks on my winter coat. It was spooky but somebody saved me there. I was supersick and I really don't know how I did not fall with the scooter. 🙂🙂

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