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House of the Dragon series discussion

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    House of the Dragon series                    
           ( Fan discussion )

If you have any opinion, fan theories and even questions about the show comment below.

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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It's a good series with good characters. Hope it doesn't end up like GoT.

Flame Flame
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But it's not reaching the level game of thrones

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Spearhead Spearhead
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Dance of the dragon finally happened...

The way they spend all episode setting up Cole as a stone cold killer and warrior only to have him be shell shocked and clearly thinking "what the fuck have I unleashed?" at the results of what a battle involving dragons looked like was masterfully done.

Generous Generous
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I didn't even watch GOT

So many characters and historical aspects

I m too lazy to remember it

Tech Guru Tech Guru
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You don't need to watch Game of thrones to watch House of the Dragon. HotD is prequel to GoT. Events of Game of thrones happen few hundred years after House of the Dragon.

But I'd recommend watching "GOT: Conquests and Rebellions " an animated slide show narration movie by HBO published in 2017-2018.

You can find that on YouTube for free.

Here's the link:
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