How can I remove All Media Channels from my FTA

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Hello Guys,

It’s an important issue please don’t ignore. I really need to shut news channels because of the obvious reason you know. My father is ex-serviceman and because of our paid media he doesn’t sleep without watching debates on Hindu Muslim, Mandir Masjid and because of these violent media debates he is becoming very aggressive day by day. When I go to TV room I change channel to NDTV but as soon as I left room he again change to Republic, Zee News, Zee Hindustan like channels. I’m from that area where there is not a single muslim family around 50-70 kms but still there is a hatred against Muslims in his heart and mind. He was not like this 5-6 years ago. Now even Whenever he sit in his friends he always blames muslims for every single problem in India. This extremist atmosphere is not good. I can’t disconnect my DishTV connection so please tell me how can I remove these media channels from my package. These FTA channels are fixed.

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This is the usual case with many familes these days (Sad .. but true)
People have become so blind..that they easily fall for propaganda and life becomes too hard when its family & friends. Again if its not TV Channels, there are live tv options online & multiple WA Groups spreading hatred..its gonna be one way or the other

Sadly…Restricting TV channels isn’t going to help u much (it might even cause more problems within the family)
The only solution i can think of policy changes for TV Media w.r.t communal shows, hate debates.. or may be bar/restrict/suspend those Journalists, debate attendees from even organising/participating in any such discussions

& its not just about “Hatred against muslims”…the only reason this gets so much highlighted is because of the majority of population & the biased media
Just like there are Pro-Hindu+Anti-Muslims news channels/websites these sites..there’s a certain risk of opposite happening very soon

I media like twitter,facebook/instagram are doing a better job in handling those toxic hate mongerers
If you’ve noticed
1. Instagram banned Hindustani Bhau for his shit posts
2. Twitter Blocked Kangana’s fake account (& might do the same to her Team Account soon)
3. Twitter Restricted some Swarajya’s columnist for his repeated policy violations & some BJP MP (Karnataka) account

& the list is bigggggggg

Even take DD reference…the ones who continued to shit about communal hatred..either stopped doing it or restricted the shit they post after 2/3 warnings because of the suspension hear or if they already got suspended once (due to permanent suspension fear)
Yes..often new/fake accounts show-up but if they get involved in spreading communal hatred..but they don’t last long..even even if they do, they will be like cats in a cage smile

Strict action on offenders spreading communal hatred on social media might also work. It could be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even DD
Imagine instead was Desidime the media where two shits posted derogatory posts about two religions/beliefs and it got escaled? No Social Media Platform will want that kinda bad PR!

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me too facing the same I just let my father watch, hoping he would eventually get bored of it

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According to you watching zee ……. will make him anti muslim , and you switch to Ndtv channel while going to tv room thinking he will become a messiah. 😉😉😉
Why such kind of mentality for few likes, hotness ,
ill karma points .

Your this kind of thought will be supported by ill minded and they will spill there Gyan ka Bhandar here, and also act smart , justify , show malicious intellectualship , and what not.

Asl him to Just avoid the tv debates iif you feel so
Ask him to listen to some good music , or develop a hobby ,