How do you guys plan your investments?


There is so much conflicting information online that it is hard to finalize where to invest – which instrument, if MFs, then which types of MFs, etc. All my self-done investments are in red.

Do you guys hire some investment advisor? If yes, where can we find trustworthy, genuine, good advisors?

PS: I know basics of investments, I have invested in several large, mid, small caps, debt funds.

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Budhe-Baba wrote:

All my self-done investments are in red.

time since invested (for the ones in red)?
CFP are easily found now a days
and even then, things CAN go haywire.
(remember how Enron, Satyam/Maytas, Lloyds Brokerage nee Hometrade, even IL&FS had top rating till days before the tumble/bust).
FPs who charge a set percent of the portfolio or a fixed (lumpsum) fee are mostly for ultra HNI clients.
for commoners, one simply goes with the average ones, in India.
in advanced, matured markets many firms have CFP/CFAs who even help us out.
over diversification (as seems to be your case) need not necessarily be an advantage.
in-fact, in stock investing (direct equities), we have eventually realised that up to 25 or so quality scrips should be the outer limit
(speaking of investment product, not the trading portfolio/ high churn component)
it seems you may be trying to ‘time: the market and not investing in a structured manner.
remember (total) ’time’ (to remain invested) is more important than ‘timing’ the market. (not even the pros can really predict the highest and lowest of the cycles. and bad investments too happen).
just look at Masayoshi Son/Softbank and their “rather impulsive” investment in “WeWork”.
they suffered an image crisis too
one has to know when to cut the losses and not be emotional
one of THE WORST things people often do is: downside averaging.
(ohh! it’s falling… okay, let us buy more.. and more to average out the holding costs).
habitual downside averaging (with a mirage that things will turn better eventually) is not prudent.
inflation adjusted returns on PPF might be negligible but it still inculcates the ‘regularity’ of remaining invested.
try to look at non-paper, more tangible assets to protect capital.
long back, have seen big (teetotaller) industrialist/investors too having a cellar full of the finest alcohol.
we were perplexed, but were immediately told that ..we’d sell them in 8-10 years or as and when value/ perceived value goes up.
art is another such investment.
people have become overnight millionaires, if they hold some art piece (say: painting) and during their life or after their death the artist gets lots of recognition.
bullion and real estate are another option.


If you know basic of mf well you wouldn’t hv invested anything there.


If you are fond of charts, Just Study about technical and check the Index Chart, based on that invest in that sector.


I am investing since 3 & half years in MFs. At the beginning, the advisor/broker suggested 2 funds out of which 1 is in Red since 2 years. I have selected 4 other funds myself, all are in Green even though two of them are Small cap funds.
PS: I used Value Research ratings to select funds.

MSDfan wrote:

I am investing since 3 & half years in MFs. At the beginning, the advisor/broker suggested 2 funds out of which 1 is in Red since 2 years. I have selected 4 other funds myself, all are in Green even though two of them are Small cap funds.
PS: I used Value Research ratings to select funds.

Your input for starters? I am starting in 2020. 😄

pikkuboss wrote:

Your input for starters? I am starting in 2020. 😄

If you are serious about MF investment & willing to invest for 7-10 years, select any 4/5 star rated equity fund & start SIP.
PS: Your portfolio can go in Red even with these funds in short term. And, their rating may/can change too in future depending on the performance.
Investing for 10+ years is the key for Equity instruments.
Good luck, Happy Investing!


Try using scripbox.. They don’t invest in direct schemes but their platform makes your life effortless


You can start research/educating self for finance basics:
Few good sites to follow –
For beginners

For Intermediates

And most important
Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.
Past performance is no guarantee of future results of the schemes.

Bhai I will give a simple plan for free of cost.
When everyone is panicking, starting screaming that fall is happening, you start doing your equity investments.
SIP is not going to give you good return. If you do SIP start SIP when market is down. You can do manual SIP. Today market fell 1%, you invest 5000 today. Tomorrow if market falls you invest another such sum.
When market is at its peak and everyone is singing Mf sahi hai, at that moment you stay quite or try some profit booking. This method really works.
But you need to be an active investor.


One blog I would suggest is : https://freefinca...m/

He even has a very good youtube channel.

There is also a free calculator sheet/app – where you can understand how to plan your investments smile


MF sip chhodo,
Diamond , Platinum , Gold , Palladium , Silver in Sab me invest karo.


I am learning about MFs. Frankly speaking, selecting Funds is not a big deal. Why? Because there are experts selecting funds for various GOALS ( Goal based investing is important, that’s how your are going to achieve financial freedom, especially for salaried class). Goalwise, Kuvera, and Freenfincal in these sites you can find funds for various GOALS and they also explain rationale behind their selection. Once you select funds, you need to change if it is consistently under performing its index. And freefincal has posted how to select funds. And those are using services of broker should ask him whether he know about rebalancing. Ask yourself do you about rebalancing? Why rebalancing? Why you are investing? How much money you need and when do you need? These are important questions. Read freefincal blog, its absolute gold, no advisor can match that site contents. It’s your money in the end, you have to learn. In freefincal he has written his financial audit over the years, I think from 2013 to 2019. You’ll get real experience, like how to stay invested throughout the years. You can DM me any personal questions or specific doubts you can quote me here.