How many average points does Nifty fall or rise in a day?

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any historic day you remember for nifty rised very high or fallen ?

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35-40 days in last year nifty moved more than - +1% . Rest days within 1% from day open.

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4 june 2024 2000 crash this was biggest after corona

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Less than 100 points! Nifty is less volatile than Bank Nifty, which often moves 300-600 points. Nifty averages 80-100 points daily due to its diverse sector composition.

For beginners, starting with Nifty is smart due to its stability. As you gain experience, you can move to Bank Nifty for higher rewards. Always treat trading as a learning experience, not gambling. Avoid buying courses or tips online; they can lead to stress and financial trouble. Focus on self-study and developing your strategies. Wishing u good luck bobby bhai ♥️
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