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How many times did you get IPO Allotment and Which one?

Since we know IPO season Continues on D-street ... I had applied many of them this year but Did not got any allotment so far... h1. Did you get your allotment ?
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For everyone..

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My friend got Paras allotment in single Bid ... and myself who applied from 4 different accounts but didnt recieved any... cry
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Adani wilmar...applied 4 lots got 1.

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“An IPO is like a negotiated transaction – the seller chooses when to come public – and it’s unlikely to be a time that’s favourable to you.”

Warren Buffett 

For every one dmart/irctc rising giants, there will be many fallen angels. While the kick in getting instant MTM gains on the listing is high, it would be wiser to buy stocks when there is pessimism, and ipo seldom comes during pessimism, they are a by-product of euphoria where promoters offload at peak pricing.

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