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I’m itching to play Skyrim – Elder Scrolls again (finished it in 2013).
I have a PS3 and looking online found a pre-owned copy for 499/- at and I think that’s a good price for a physical disc.
My only concern is the condition of the disc I’ll receive.

So does anyone has any experience with Like how the condition of the disc I’ll be receiving if i order?

Flipkart is selling a new one for 999 but at Gameloot it’s almost half the price.

I am open to suggestions if you have any other source for the game for the same price or a bit cheaper.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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NobitaNobi wrote:

Trusted site, You can order.

Thank you Nobi.
I’ve spoken with someone on their support number and they said that I’ve 24 hours after delivery to check the disc for any damages so they seem legit.
Cheers bro.