How smartphone badly affected our life ?

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Hi friends, 

How smartphone badly affected our life ?, How to manage use of smartphone ? Please share your experiences, Thanks.

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For me post switching to 5G, I kind of having too much headache in past 6 month. 

It's hard to leave your phone un attended so long maybe because of the phone addiction + screen time. 

Started to workout. Take a walk in the evening keep mobile in the pockets communicate people doing something educational maybe this is cliche for you that's actually a good point to give up on the digital part. 

Start meditation more involved in God or in your religion activities that actually will help you to stronger you roots

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Stop/ restrict social media usage. Lot of people dont realize how much precious time is lost in sharing every mundane activity in our lives or commenting on someone else's activity. Uninstall some of these apps - they call it digital detox. 

News and politics on twitter can be a cesspool and often leave you feeling helpless and frustrated and irritated. Make minimal use just to get the headlines.

Dont give the Like button much thought if you post something.

Dont bother checking out the constant stream of notifications.

I've cut down a lot on aimlessly watching youtube vids and doomscrolling. But I still listen to a lot of podcasts which I can do when I'm doing other activities as well. 

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Savings Mentor Savings Mentor
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It didn't affect anything for me in a negative way, if anything, it revolutionized many things. BUT one thing I can say is it made everyone's already full lives, even busier. Everyone got onboard so now we have less free time for other things like going out for a walk, mixing in real life with friends, spending time with family, relaxing, exercise etc. We should do those things regardless of the FOMO of a smartphone and the apps/applications it makes possible.

Flame Flame
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I am addicted to movies sweat sweat

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