How Sonyliv robbed billions from Indian users?

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Deal Cadet

Hello everyone,

Yesterday a coupon “TESTCOUPEV” was floated all over the internet by Sonyliv that offered a one-year subscription for just Rs 1.

The coupon was working absolutely fine and ******** users claimed the offer.

The subscription was live.

Sony tricked users to collect a large sum of money and even user data (worth several billions).

After a few hours, they removed the subscription from all the users.

Now, they have robbed Indian users. They got a large sum of money and data worth billions (that they wouldn’t have got in the upcoming 4-5 years for sure).

All the users do have the SMS from Sonyliv as well.

Let’s promote this post and reach out to the consumer forum and make Sonyliv compensate for the same.

Alternatively, they can refund the users, delete all the user data that they collected with this fraud stunt and issue a public apology.

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Deal Hunter Deal Hunter
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Refund Received Rs.1
Check your account

Like Magnet Like Magnet
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Data of people who only buy subscription when it is available for re 1 isn’t worth billions joy joy.
OP seems to be in frustration.

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Mobile Guru Mobile Guru
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Welcome to INDIA…..
Free ka nasha babu bhaiya bahut kharab chiz hai …..

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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saucap wrote:

Mera bhi nahin aaya abhi tak

Oonchi dukaan pheeke pakwaan! joy

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