How to contact ekart?

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I have placed a Flipkart grocery order on cod. The delivery guy contacted me for address and 5min later he marked the order as delivered. When I tried to contact him over the number provided he didn't responded and then he switched off. The Flipkart cc says it may be a technical glitch that the order has been marked as delivered then later said the delivery guy has delivered to a wrong person so we can't do anything you can place a fresh order.
My concern is why delivery guy is not picking up my phone and who will accept a COD order?
Is there any way to raise complaint to ekart?
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Crowdpuller Crowdpuller
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For safer side, do prepaid orders

Blaze Blaze
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It was a cod

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Pro Community Angel Pro Community Angel
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Why would he mark cod as delivered. Contained loot deals? 

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Yes items worth Mrp 2000 at 347

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Generous Generous
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Fk grocery orders require otp , how did he bypass otp?

Crusader Crusader
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Not everywhere bro...

i Received grocery order without OTP yesterday..

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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You can use twitter to contact them

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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It happened to me as well, my prepaid flipkart grocery order was marked as delivered without it being actually delivered to me.

Complained and received the refund, however lost the deal.

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