how to decrease internet speed

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How to decrease(reduce) internet speed (from regular to 50kb, 128kb) in smartphone (samsung/mi jio network)

Bcoz of my child watching too many YouTube video & shorts (on my phone or a phone at home)

I already know about remove data access to perticular app & also delete APN when I'm not using internet...
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My sister also had to deal with that. At first it felt funny, But after watching my niece for a couple of days attached to that mobile, I played few tricks like 

Limiting tiktok data and screen time, this drove her to games. Again too much games, so i limited games too, then she started reels/ fb short videos. 

And finally I installed an app(fogot the app name, should be screen lock/time something)which locks device after certain minutes. Now she has liberty to do whatever she wants in that time and after device gets locked she returns it to me

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Veeer wrote:
He took my phone anytime...
So I'm finding a way that in just one or two click work that trick...
Currently I'm deleting APN from setting....
So internet won't work... And i say "data is fully consumed" he is 6 year old

If not on JIO, switch to 2g/3g

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abhi1047 wrote:
How to disable YouTube shorts ..even I want to know

I could share Revanced version of YouTube with no shorts 

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Kochiro wrote:

I could share Revanced version of YouTube with no shorts 

Yes, plz share...

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