How to get the most out of American express Smart earn credit card?

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I just got my Amex smart earn credit card. In 10x partners, I can spend ₹2500 on Flipkart per month to get 500 points. And in 5x partners, similarly I can spend ₹2500 to get 250 points. In total 750 points per month. So per year 9000 points.

So for reaching 18000/24000 points it would take atleast 2 years.

My query is:
1. Is there any way to maximize the rewards from Smart earn credit card with above usage?
2. Can I get supplementary cards for Smart earn variant?

Amex users, kindly help.

Note: I don’t spend on any other 10x and 5x partners.

Location: Chennai.

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I have got 1 supplimentry card free with smartearn card also u can try reward multiplayer if any other cb site is giving equal or less cashback. I guess gift vouchers from flipkart and Amazon are not specifically excluded from 10x n 5x rewards so u can buy those.
My maximum usage is in dmart and reliance fresh where i get 5×.