How to identify original olive oil ?

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Ordered this from flipkart grocery and I doubt the that colour is bit darker than it usually is .. how do i identify if its original olive oil or they have stuffed some sort of refined oil in there ? 🤔


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In India olive oil  is Duplicate / Adulterated /  Substandard .

And  Delmonte  toh  waise  bhi  substandard   maal hi  bechti  hain .

So  many  Better and  Fresh  oils  available  in our country  still that status  factor , kya  bolu abb

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IMO: don’t buy oil from Flipkart grocery, buy everything else. I’ve seen the adulteration even with Mustard oil like black patches on branded (Fortune) and seal was different than what we usually get. I order every item except oil from Flipkart as I do not trust them anymore. 

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The lightest colour is of pomace oil, extra lite olive oil is a little darker and extra virgin is very dark. However no way to test the purity. Rice bran and olive oil taste very similar and are often blended. 

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india me sub nakli hai , either go for some imported item 

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