How to use island app in Android 13


I am not able to activate Iceland app in my Android 13 device

Getting error

Can't add work profile     

 a work profile can't be added to this device if you have questions contact your IT admin

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Working fine even in MIUI. Unrooted. Probably some restriction imposed by the OEM in tor case? In some cases Work Profile can't be used if the device storage is not encrypted though in my older devices no such issue despite no encryption. 

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SnippierJoker wrote:

I just installed it this morning and it worked for me, it just asked for root access. I am on LineageOS 20 +Rooted.

can you share more details about your device?

Or check the official xda thread 

[APP][5.0+][BETA] Island - app freezing, privacy protection, parallel accounts | XDA Forums (

I have two devices of lava blaze 5g in one device island was installed before Android 13 update in another I tried installing after updating to Android 13 and getting above error

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