I don't know what is the Itr law


Don’t know anything about itr law how to learn it ? I things know that you have to to pay tax on the basis of income . Anyone tell what it is ? Is there any itr file for UPI money transfer and sending money to my other account of my family for offer or something , or , sending money to relative who live abroad and for pay bill via Paytm , Amazon , Gpay or any other UPI or wallet app or paying cc bill for other people ?

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Income tax means tax on income and all the transactions do not form a part of income. In your eg. If you receive money from immediate family members it is gift and is not taxable income but gifts or receipts from other than family members is added to your income and maybe subject to tax

Search for heads of income on google to understand what transactions falls in which type of income and then find out taxability of that transaction and finally tax slabs that is rate of tax applicable