I need help buying AC

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Hi guys we have purchased a new home and we are looking to purchase a split ac. We only have window acs so I don’t know much about split acs.

I saw this tcl ac for 27K: TCL 1.5 Ton 3 Star Ultra Inverter Split AC (Copper, Vitamin C Filter, 2021 Model, TAC-18CSD/EV3, White) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08R529PP4/ref=cm_sw_r...

And this LG for 44K: LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Hot & Cold DUAL Inverter Split AC (Copper, Super Convertible 5-in-1 Cooling, 4 Way Swing & Anti Allergic Filter, 2022 Model, PS-H19VNXF, White) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09NS5B6TP/ref=cm_sw_r...

I couldn’t find much difference  in features, but price wise I find lg too expensive. Is buying TCL a good decision or I should only go for 5 star ac? I live in north India.. 

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There are several factors. If there is any open severage or similar open water body, then you need to coat AC or maybe go with those which are providing precoating. I purchased inverter AC and every repairman (LG official and local mechanic) all said that I should not have bought inverter model considering room size/location, power consumption etc. There are few youtube videos with info regarding same, will check and try to provide here. Also on which floor you are installing also matters. Maybe someone with more knowledge will provide better info

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one clear difference seems to be with warranties on different components and another seems to be dual temp (hot and cold) in LG only

these factors are significant and do drive the prices high

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The TCL one is quite good and comes with WiFi access. It will do fine. 
LG is a little better. I have 3 LG inverters and I absolutely love them. So if you want to save money, go with TCL. No issues. If you want a slightly better product then go with LG.

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TCL is not a good brand for AC. I will suggest to go with your budget and choose good manufacturer.

Medium range (36-45k) – Bluestar, Daikin, Hitachi, LG

Premium(>45k) – Mitsubishi, O general

Cheaper(30-36k) – Voltas, Lloyds, Carrier, Samsung

Lower Range(<30k) – Sharp, Onida, Panasonic

  • I would suggest Japanese or Korean manufacturers as they are in game from quite some time and also on the quality/technology aspect
  • Go for 5 star and if possible triple inverter.
  • Choose R32 refrigerant gas and blue fin coating.
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bahut mubarke dost naye ghar ki.bade naseeb vale hote ha jo apna ghar se sake is desh me

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