IBJA-Gold 100 Gram Silver Bar Review


Hello Dimers, so a few days ago (Prime Day to be specific) we got lucky and some of us were able to grab some Silver Bars from Amazon at very cheap pricing. The precious metals market is volatile and we can see the market rates for the same as of now.

Getting back to the product review, I was able to get 2 × 100 Gram 999 Silver Bars which cost me @ 33.79 per gram.

· Metal: Silver

· Weight: 100 Gram

· Front Design: On the top we can see the brands logo, i.e. IBJA which is made out of frosted silver while the background is shiny, below that we see the weight (100 Gram),metal name (Fine Silver )and fineness (999). The texture on the remaining part of the bar features a dotted design which looks great and feels great as well!

· Reverse Design: We see India’s national tree that is Banyan Tree or Bargad Ka Pedh, a subtle design with shiny silver in the background.

· Edges: The edges are made out of plain silver not reeded (Lines with texture).
· Certification: Self Certified
· BIS Hallmark: NO
· You get a gold pouch not sure if everyone got that, apart from that you get a leaflet showcasing the wide range of products.

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Varun Kumar
Your Indian Bullion Reviewer