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icici bank chargeback question


how to file for chargeback for icici credit card online?is branch visit required for same?

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Call Customer Care. No Branch Visit Required

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can the same be done by sending them a mail or filing it online? found this form but it asks to send this form to their address

about customer care calling, the card is in senior citizens name. it will be hard for him to explain the issue in depth to the customer care. Call support wants to talk only to the cardholder.

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Can be done online…imobile app
select the transaction you can raise dispute….never done it personally

Latest App has option under manage cards.

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Just call them and ask for charge back. Don’t use the term fraud. They will block the card if u say so and reject the dispute.

Just say charge back and u didn’t get services.

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Icici bank apply my debit card payback no. After 1.5 year of Account opening and it show 0 reward . Any way to get all payback reward that i used my card??

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Download this form Fill up , scan it and send to icici cc email dept or you can raise issue here Your friend should have taken the refund when they offered it Usually the AI checks your account history and offers instant refund/replacement You can also try to complain to consumer helpline where swiggy will be forced to issue a refund instead of going through all this charge back process which is not smooth for ICICI , they are not Amex or Citi
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bro swiggy is shit. last month we ordered dinner in office. in place of 20 tawa rotis we got 18. complained them they automatically created replacement without asking us. i told them that we wont wait just talk to the restaurant. he said we wont process refund. i said i dont need rs.10 refund. then he cancelled that replacement order. later on they charged rs.40 for cancellation of order.

in this link they ask for mandatory email id

in the icici app there is no email id registered for this card. he made a new email id and entered there, so that he can send mail from registered email id but this email is just not saving. everytime he opens it after closing it, it is empty. how to link a mail id with the card?

also the form in this link on which email id it needs to be sent.

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Chargeback for what?

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For chargeback you need to call icici customer care no mail required, don't raise fraud dispute file chargeback for non receipt of service or product
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called them and posted their reply in this thread don’t raise fraud dispute file chargeback for non receipt of service or product what do you mean by this?
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