ICICI Bank vs HDFC Bank : Which one is best?

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ICICI Bank vs HDFC Bank

I have an account on SBI but now I'm totally fed up with this so called National Bank.

So, now i want to switch to other banks like ICICI or HDFC. Please help me out to make the best decision. Please share your experience about these 2 banks and if you want to advise another bank bank name please mention it.
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better to highlight the problems that you are facing with SBI, so that your need/requirement from a bank account is understood & someone can suggest a bank which might be better w.r.t. those services/transactions.

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Lots of problems bro for any kind of issues The bank makes me wait long in their office and we have 2 big accounts are going on there but they don't care of people. Waste of time mean SBI

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Hdfc best
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But their app is worst

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ICICI. Hardly visited the branch for any concerns. Everything can be done online.

No experience with HDFC salary account.

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Your Aim should be how can you increase your productivity. Ask both the banks who will give Home service for free of cost. I Negotiated with HDFC. Opened Imperia A/c.  For my requirements. I ask them to come and collect cheque for deposit /  NEFT form processing for offline NEFT. and they send a person. (however its mostly not quick but they send in person within a day). Its said for HDFC imperia you dont have to stand in line but true picture is if its 2-3 people in Q  you have to wait. Also the branch should have dedicated staff / counter for such Preferred / imperia programs. Check all this before choosing bank.

Similarly get a clear picture of your requirement and ask both before opening of accounts and confirm the same with their branch head. 

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HDFC is the best compared to icici

Zero charges for cash deposit in CDM

Balance of 1 lakh can be easily converted to classic account

Cashback for debit cards both millennia and easy shop

Behaviour of staff

Go for a new branch and you got a great service with some torture of investments and sip but u can easily neglect it.

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Both are good and reliable banks. Most reviews you will get on this forum are about their own experience which cannot be the same to what you might get. Differs from banch to branch, city to city and even depends on the amount you keep.

In my case, I have seen HDFC to be a little bit less pushy regarding their sales of uninteresting products (market linked things/ insurance etc) compared to ICICI. Technology wise HDFC is a bit slow, whereas ICICI should be better.

Again regarding the support you get depends on how important are you to the bank branch. Say if you open an account and keep 20L in hdfc metro branch, you might never have to visit the branch and get upgraded to imperia easily. On the otherhand you might get similar treatment with 5L in a rural branch. Again in ICICI they will try harder to get a percentage of your money invested in what they think is more profitable for them toungueout

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SBI is good in an online only setting. It's Netbanking and YONO App are powerful.

Besides SBI, I have ICICI's Wealth Management account - seamless.

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ICICI gold privilege is good. Go for it

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Both are good but ICICI recently made the app worse by making users to disable developer options in phone. Hdfc baking is easy to use compared to icici net banking. 

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I have both banks accounts. I feel HDFC is better in terms of charges and no fuss banking.

ICICI have excellent technology. But ICICI have lots of hidden charges, specially for services which you can get it for free everywhere. They keep pushing for credit card upgrade from lifetime free cards, and opening of demat accounts and n types of accounts.

Using both banks for more than a decade now. HDFC wins.

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None. HDFC app will refuse to run if you have USB debugging on in your Android or if you have slightly older Android. If you forgot to log out from netbanking or the app, it won't let you login for few mins too. The app is terrible.

ICICI iMobile will also refuse to run if even Developer Options is on. While I still hold accounts and credit cards from these banks, such hostility in app behavior is not what I'd call the "best experience". I recommend IndusInd or Yes Bank or PNB.

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