ICICI card renewal

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Recieved this msg,

Hi, your Pockets virtual VISA Card XX9019 has been renewed on 20-Sep-2022. Please make note of the new validity date and CVV by logging into the app. In case you have a physical card, please re-confirm your address in the app and place a request for a renewed physical card.

I don't have an ICICI card. I do own a amazon ICICI card but the number for that is different and it doesn't show anything relating to this in the amazon app. Also, somehow my birthdate is wrong in pockets app,so can't check anything there. Anyone received received this message?
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Its ICICI pockets wallet card (Prepaid). Mostly you have registered for ICICI pockets wallet earlier. Most of the pocket virtual cards are expired recently, so they are renewing. There is no link between pockets wallet with ICICI bank account & credit card. 

Physical card has charges, virtual one is free.

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