IDBI failed payment refunded and idbi put it on lien

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I was doing an online payment through idbi debit card payment failed but amount debited, after 5-7 days amount refunded but entire refunded amount is in lien such a pathetic bank system, 

Raised online complaint they said lien will be removed within 2 working days, 

Now branch is saying visit branch give in written that if merchant takes back this money within 120 days you need to deposit the same in your account, i don't understand how drunk and ignorant idbi employees are

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Anyone faced this lien on  refund problem in past ?

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Complain to their escalation. Sab ke sab misuser ban rahe ajkal
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Axis is not the worst bank afterall

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Axis is still worst no one can beat Axis, 

Axis has expertise in chori 

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I have faced this issue and am pretty happy with the final results. they generally hold this amount for 25 to 30 days and will release money later. wait for them to release the money. once they release start complaining to them in their escalation matrix asking for 100 rs per day compensation. and after every rejection mail, moved to the top nodal officer. then put a complaint to RBI and see the magic. they will call you and give you compensation. I got 2600 rs from rbl after they put my money on hold for 30 days.

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Thanks for confirming, I was also thinking to do so it's time to earn some bucks from buggy system of IDBI smile for every failed refund transaction they are doing this

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Similar thing happened to me in case of Union Bank. Debit card payment failed, amount was refunded after 25 days only after visiting branch and filling up a claims form with details of transaction. Their customer care channels via website and phone were completely dead for many weeks. After this experience, I hotlisted Union Bank debit card since the RuPay Amazon offer has ended anyway, and have only kept their 0 balance account.

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Amount was on hold? Or refund came late ? Seems you eligible for 2000+ Rupees penalty from bank


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