If anyone has purchased printer or any electronic item fron tatacliq.com with seller named S print. Need some help

Deal Cadet

I want to purchase a printer from tatacliq and I need gst to be added in my invoice and tatacliq doesn’t allow that. So need to add the gst manually . So I need seller details (which I can’t find online).

So if anyone has purchased from tatacliq (and seller is S Print) and can check the invoice and help me out of this. It will be a great help.

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I have enquired with tatacliq about gst invoice, below are the info I gathered,

  • Tatacliq does not provide gst invoices on their website now.
  • But incase if you want gst invoice, you can request their support but for which you have to place bulk quantity orders, they said they can include gst on bulk quantity orders.
  • But if you place bulk quantity orders you may miss out the discounts/cashbacks/offers, so have to check whether its worth or not.