important to take EVEN MORE care of mental health, physical fitness

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Lifestyle choices too matter... A LOT.
People earlier followed the 'early to bed, early to rise' philosophy.
Besides, have seen people who refuse even their own kids giving them a lift and instead they would walk the kilometre or two to wherever nearby they had to go.
Now so much self created 'hectic' lifestyles, tensions, stress are there in people's lives. And then to make things worse, they rely on sheesha/ hookah, 'bolo zubaan keshari', alcohol, recreational narcotics or even Kothari market by claiming it makes them feel better, helps de-stress.

Not to mention all the products one puts on their bodies and in it, many of which are purely psychological boost (alleged hair care, skin care, fashion) and even harmful foods.
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More than fashion sense its urge to experience is what makes zen kids lifestyle. Not just that they flash that and litter wherever possible not just SM.

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Proper sleep and keeping waistline slim and trim with a healthy diet, along with cardiovascular conditioning will prevent such heart attacks

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Physical Health : I have maintained my weight for last 15 years by just following one rule, diner & lunch eat less than what you could actually eat. Off course break this rule once in a while but strictly during lunch and then skip dinner.

Example : If I eat lunch at Rajdhani  Rajdhani Thali, I will skip dinner that night.

Also, ensure you walk for an hour daily. I know at times it not possible, but at least try. This is the bare minimum what I could follow in my busy schedule!! 

Mental Health : I do this


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At the end of the day everything comes down to personal responsibility and the ability to say NO - NO to colas/soft drinks/'fruit juices' loaded with sugar, NO to munching on Chips and snacks mindlessly in front of the TV, NO to fast food/pizza, NO to impulse eating, NO to midnight snacking, NO to ice creams and sweets, NO to smoking/alcohol/hookah/weed etc. I know it can be hard to totally cut it all out but at least one can significantly reduce the consumption initially.

The western fast food diet can be  disastrous to health in the long term but unfortunately the youth are disillusioned and think of it as a status symbol to eat in these joints regularly. Lot of movies portray the idea of a 'cool hero'  who drinks with his friends and spends on useless things. 

And regular exercise. No need to go to a gym and spend thousands on supplements. Just walking, cycling, running, skipping outside in the fresh air can be stimulating to the mind and body instead of being inside. Can invest in just a pair of resistance bands or dumbbells at home to do some basic exercises. Much of it is under our control really. 

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