income tax with Axis Flipkart Credit Card

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Just paid my income tax using Axis Flipkart Credit Card, I wasn't charged any extra amount like convenience fees or something. Will it be charged later in direct Statement?

As there is no mention of MCC 9311 exclusion in terms and conditions of CC, will I be eligible for 1% cashabck?
Please suggest.
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I'm not sure about eligibility for cashback but yes, you'll see the additional fees in the statement.

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no CB for government services, which payment gateway was it? as the lowest was Kotak/HDFC for other banks CC with 0.8% charges with GST

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Whether income tax payment comes under MCC 9311 or MCC 9399?
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Probably you used HDFC PG, which charges extra latter on. For kotak for sure the charges are shown beforehand, which I prefer.

Axis won't give anything for government services including income tax payments, don't even expect. Gone are those days when Axis FK was reliable to give 1.5% on any other txns.

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Get charged 0.8% + 18% GST, no loss and no profit as this much I can recover by paying CC bill

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i have a new Federal Rupay digital add on CC . supposed to get 10% cash back for the first 5 transactions after 60 dys .already used 2 times last 2 weeks no mail reagrding cash back. .

have to pay Incometax around 40-41000/- going to take a chance on federal rupay credit card via upi option (limit is ample) even if i have to pay 0.8% to 1% +GST usage chatges .(instead of choosing payvia credit card/debit card option)

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