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Incorrect credit txn in my bank acc related issue - Need tips


Hello dimers,

So the whole issue started as, some lady from Chirgaon (Jhansi) wrongly sent me 36000 in my ICICI bank account, through UPI on 25th Sep 2023.

  1. The lady promptly called ICICI & made complaint same day, ICICI put a lien of that amount (36k) on my account.
  2. The lady then made a separate complaint to Chirgaon cyber cell next day, following which ICICI put another lien of 36k on my account.
  3. The lady then again called Maharashtra police (cyber cell maybe) after few days (3rd Oct), made yet another complaint following which ICICI put yet another 36k lien on my account.

In her direct complaint to ICICI, she has mentioned "wrongly credited" as reason. But in both the police complaints, she mentioned "UPI fraud" as reason. Now this is offensive to me. I was sitting in my home chilling and suddenly for no reason, my name is tagged as a fraudster in police systems. ICICI branch clarified they can remove the lien only after receiving NOC from respective police departments.


  1. I do NOT know the lady who transferred me the money, never even talked to her in my life, no communication at all.
  2. I've also NOT transferred the said amount to any other account before it was blocked. Though I think I should've taken out the balance amount, as for receiving one wrong amount of 36k, my own 72k is blocked apart from that 36k.
  3. How to get rid of these repetitive complaints? Repetitive because there is only 1 credit transaction of said amount in my account, and also the reference RRN/UTR no. provided by the lady in all these complaints is same.

Any suggestions/tips how to proceed in such a scenario?

Any precautions I need to keep from my side? I've received that lady's contact details from the police complaint, but I've no intentions of reaching out to her directly as the lady already has made a fraud complaint against me even though it was her own mistake, no ideas what she'll claim in case I call her.

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    There's nothing you can do in such cases. Apparently lady must be very influential (Political/Police deptt), due to which the Police acted so fast and took disproportionate measures. Otherwise even in case of much larger amounts police does not take any action if the victims are not well connected.

    The bank will also not act even though things may be clear, unless they receive a clearance from Police. 

    You can just go to the concerned police station and request them to expedite the resolution. But you may have to visit several times.

    Sadly that's the reality of our law and order machinery in our country.

    You also have the option of taking a rigid stance by escalating the issue thru cybercrime portal, highlighting the mistakes committed by blocking 3 times the amount and calling the mistake of the lady a fraud without any proper investigation. You can post the details on the Twitter handle of police commissioner 

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    You should contact lawyer and send notice to her demand compensation, do not leave her. 

    Also send notice to bank for holding your funds 3 times

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    The bank put lien or debit freeze in your account..?

    Write a formal complaint to ICICI , wait for 30 days and write to RBI BANKING OMBUDSMAN.. demand compensation for mental harrassment..

    Send a legal notice to a new year gift..

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    I think you should ask the police what's the normal time period taken to resolve such issue. @atx88

    Freeze on the extra amount should be taken care of when original payment is reversed. Bank won't do anything on its own unless they get the nod from the police. So direct your energy towards working with the cyber police to get this resolved as soon as possible.

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    I clarified this with branch, the liens are NOT linked, they're treated as individual separate complaints. Which is why even though the incorrect credit was of 36840 (single txn), lien on my account is 36840 x 3 = 110520.

    So direct your energy towards working with the cyber police to get this resolved as soon as possible.
    Good advice, I'll focus on this as well.
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    Any update on this? Did icici released the amount. 

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    No man, nothing at all... Bank is not at all helping or even working logically despite multiple emails. I'm duly following ICICI procedure by complaining level-wise until it reaches their MD or whoever is concerned in their leadership.
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    Any update on this? Did you consult a lawyer? 
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    @admin should pin this thread

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    i am not sure if you have already posted this issue on twitter, if not, do it now with your complaint number so that you will get our help in pressurizing the ICICI from our end. this is the only least we can help you in this situation in some way.

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