Incorrect email and residential address correction in CIBIL wrong details reported by Kotak

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Dear Card Holders,

I am facing very weird issue with personal details correction in my Transunion cibil after Kotak PVR Card added to cibil there is incorrect wrong email & residential address reported by kotak.

Card issued on 07JULY2023 & Same new ac added to cibil on 14AUG2023 first day i found there are some wrong details reported to cibil even i escalated to kotak by there 811 help line they told to mail via net banking or fill form in week u will get reply . i didn't get response in week,

so routed my request to nodal of kotak after 3 , 4 times & 2 weeks follow up some backend team call back come please allow 4 days we are working with our back end cibil reporting team.

As i am kotak 811 full kyc a/c holder still they reported wrong details in cibil only . Even it's credit kyc details correct as per a/c kyc details .

Similar i reported to cibil via first escalation by mail they not responded then after a week in 23 aug 2023 i filled escalation form they mentioned we don't report any wrong details from our side this is done by financial institution only what ever they report it available in records & mention as 30 days TAT wait time for any conclusion till now no clue .

After continuous follow up more than 20 mails to nodal finally they responded as Kotak back end cibil team sent correction request to cibil it will get correct in 7 days till that they gave 3-4 times kindly wait 4 business days to come revert from backend team . Yesterday they replied after my mail deadlines over what is the status they said kindly download fresh cibil report & revert .

Till now no correction done i mailed to them along with fresh cibil report,  yesterday they responded around 09.00pm we gain need 4 more working days to figure out.

Today i again got callback they mentioned these wrong details not reported by us we can't correct as per back end team response this is any how not done by kotak.

Its been more than months escalation going on . Is there any way i can check where this wrong details reported to cibil because it getting spreading like virus in all credit bureau record like Experian, Equifax & CRIF. I am unable to sort out this mess. I kept all call recordings  & twitter team response by kotak as they mentioned kindly visit branch multiple times for get correct but after multiple visit branch response is like it is done kotak back end cibil team.

Kindly share your experience how to over come with this mess i noticed only this after kotak new card reported after this issue & wrong details reported in cibil . 

Right now am looking to correct way to go further because kotak back out with this . Any how have not made any changes till now in my kyc records .

There are 4 email available in my cibil in which 2 wrong emails some one reported.

Sorry for bit long story !!!

Kindly suggest in this issue how to i fix my cibil wrong details .

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Raise complain via banking ombudsman

it will be sorted

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how to c free cibil full report

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Even SBI reported wrong email, salary profession; same reply I got from SBI that they did not do; now I left followup

Govt should bring a law and punishment for wrong reporting

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raja wrote:

how to c free cibil full report

OneScore, Google Pay ... once a month
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this is really sad, I've several credit cards and each issuer reports address and phone number in slightly different format because of which I can see there's a remark in CIBIL report for inconsistent address

I was thinking to email a few of the issuers and get this sorted because of the derogatory remarks in CIBIL report but seeing your plight, which is actually a genuine one, I'll rather stay away from getting this done ... didn't know banks would straight away deny from helping saying we didn't do this

take help from RBI Ombudsman, that's the only suggestion I have at the moment

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Finally more than 50 mails to kotak & 3 weeks dispute escalation with cibil transunion credit report corrected today I can see in my report disputed false information vanished from credit report.

First escalation rent. With kotak on 14 Aug 23 as my pvr card platinum 499gst called added to cibil it approved on 07july23 & reported to 31july23 & it come pictures on cibil report from 14aug23 immediately I escalated to kotak 1st level grievance wait going on 3, 5 & 1 week done after lots of research they have no proper channels to communicate even multiple call I did with kotak 811 call center they are Very sweet in talk but didn't do anything always saying soms cibil kotak back end team will answer your query please wait ali again filled after a week grievance form or complaint form in kotak portal but nothing happened now I am looking for some higher escalation matrix email ID they have only nodal officer single mail id nothing else I shooted mails they are also very lazy in three weeks I continously I shooted mail more than 30 times with threatening will move this under rbi escalation but they didn't move Single edge finally I registered complaint to Twitter as well they simply said please visit branch after visit nearby branch they mentioned it will done by kotak back end team only we are not authorized. Finally I received call in 4 weeks mail from medam she mentioned please allow some 4 working days to get responses from concerned team after 4 days they again forget this time I have recorded all voice recordings & email even they mailed us same 4 days same I replied after a week but they never responded again shooted mail to nodal they mentioned please allow more time after 1& half week they mentioned this issue not from kotak till that I got response from cibil from level 1 complaint which credit institutions responsible for this disputed data they clearly mentioned reported by kotak only I taken print out with scan of cibil mail replied same this 8s cibil response please immediately you correct this they again take some weeks to decisions finally they ended up please raise dispute with cibil dispute section we can do further action finally I again to cibil with kotak responses replied back we are raising dispute on behalf of you until responses come from credit institutions we can't do any action this done few more days any how today I.e. 1 oct23 reported I can see it got corrected.

Sorry for bit longer story hope I can help some one.

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