Indiabulls ivl finance showing late payment in cibil even after loan closed .

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I had taken a loan from ivl finance and the emi were deducting via ecs and my account was funded at all times but after 5 months of loan closure now it shows in my cibil as paid between 1-89 days wha can I do to fix it kindly help everything is fine in my cibil except this ivl finance mistake

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ivl finance same peepal?

escalated to [email protected]?
any response?
can loop in the ceo/MD of the group too (in the Cc/Bcc), while mentioning that you need an explanation or reversal (“resolution expected” in N calender days) by January _ _ , 2021.
Failing which you (legal name) have been instructed by your lawyer/s, regulator/ombudsman to raise arbitration proceeding.
For documentary reasons and legal evidence, this communication (e-mail dated January _ _ , 2021, sent at hh:mm hours [UTC + 0530]) serves as admissible notice to _____ legal name of the company ______ (XYZ Private Limited/ ABC Limited Liability Company).

In brief, but clearly, state the issue/ making it clwar where (if any) is the fault with the counterparty.

Mention clearly, ‘what’ redressal you expect from the counterparty.
You may list the expected deliverables as bulleted points/ sub points (1; 2, 3, 3a, 4 …. N).

Mention the reasonable timelines you are ready to wait. Give some fair notice/ lead time “by which” you are intimating them to “resolve” the said “issue”.

Keep repeating contacts every 24hours unless they explicitly give replies with timelines, start marking the same e-mails to external authorities or media outlets/agencies (Moneylife, CNBC Awaaz/Pehredaar).
Fo/ if live contacts (like calls to +91-124-6165722) “A L W A Y S” ensure to inform the human/s that you are recording the interaction for reference and records (AND BECAUSE courts in India treat it as admissible evidence, when the recording is with the knowledge of both/all parties).

i… STILL cannot wrap my head around the fact that they have “two” different pages/URLs for terms of service!🧐 (then again, with IIFL, Indiabulls type entities🤦🏽 what more can one expect¿¡)

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My entire loan was closed but there is a overdue shows on my cibil report

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