Indian banking and credit customer support ( mtlb chutiyo se bhari zamaat )...

Let me share some experience on why i have said this...

Yesterday i saw a comment that who have icici amazon card with above 2L limit can have zero balance account from branch...

So out of curiosity me naha dhoke bank gya (bcoz me 2 saal se card use kr rha hu)...

Banking personal - Nh sir esa kuch nh h, hmare yha to "zero balance account hi nh hota, kesa bhi nh, no nada nil , tata khatam bye-2)...

Chalo thik...

Next thing idfc wale...

Kal mene idfc card apply kr dia in tier 2 city without serviceable pincode , jugaad thi aur kyc bhi hogyi... But me bank gaya just to clear ke kya yha start kr dia h kya...

Banking personal - Nh sir , hum sirf wow card dete h aur koi bhi nh...

I said - but sir mene to kal hi apply kia h , kyc bhi hogyi...

He said - konsa card tha ?

I said - Millennia...

He - Are sir "Millennia" hdfc me ata h , ap dobara check kro, hmare yaha to Millennia card hi nh h...🤣🫢 joy

I showed him on the phone, he said sir mjhe nh pata hum offline to nh dete, online milta hoga, the fucker was working in bank for 4 years...

Ess Ese chutiyo ki zammat h hmare banks me, undeserving,  koi naye changes ka pta nh hota, kya products h pata nh...

Unse jyada hoshiyaar to yha bethe h...

Pls share ur thoughts too....

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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Baki sab toh thik hai lekin 2 saal card use nahi kiya hota toh kya nahi nahate😝🤣

Spearhead Spearhead
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Nh bhai, sarcasm tha...

Garmiyo me to me 3-4 baar nahata hu...
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Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Not fault of employees , fault of Big Big Mens s*itting above them. Staff need to be Trained & updated about new products.

But they only trained to acquire FD & useless CC.

Sir FD karlo , Sir FD karlo , market me highest hain........... Ok. No. Thanks. Good-bye. 

Pro Entertainer Pro Entertainer
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1. 4L credit limit required for zero balance privilege banking in ICICI. And they are giving zero balance account to new customers while applying for Amazon ICICI card.

2. IDFC credit cards are only available for online applications. Branch mein ghanta nahi milega.

Spearhead Spearhead
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@tappukepapa but someone on the comments section said limit is above 2L ?
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Deal's Advocate Deal's Advocate
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ICICI has become stupid, they said min. Bal. 50K when i asked for an account long back. Recently applied for an amazon pay card, while applying they gave an option for a zero balance account. Getting a zero balance account from ICICI is an achievement.

Spearhead Spearhead
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But why aren't they not providing zero bal ac to those who already has amazon card ?  
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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Bro i called icici to change my visa debit card to rupay platinum and the lady on the other side told me "rupay debit card nahi hota, credit card aata hai upi payments ke liye" and i kept telling her i am not asking for upi credit card, i need rupay platinum card, check once but she was repeating the same thing that rupay debit card nahi aata then i told her to not to argue unnecessarily and check first. Then she said sorry, yes we do provide rupay dc and then i was able to get it.

Spearhead Spearhead
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Private banks haina koi criteria h nh job appointment ka, sb bharti ho jate h... Kya kr skte h...
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