Info regarding Activation of PayLater in ICICI Account

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My Query::
My PayLater in ICICI is not activated. I mailed them and got below reply

Reply by ICICI Bank::
We inform you that, PayLater is a small ticket size loan which will be offered to selective user’s basis invite on front end. Eligibility will be decided by backend basis existing Savings Bank Account users transaction, account age and other criteria.

Based on users transaction, age on account and BRE rules, if bank finds user is eligible, user will receive an invite once he logs in to iMobile or Pockets app on dashboard and then after user can go ahead an open their PayLater account. However, if user is still not eligible, they may continue to receive an alert as ‘Keep using Pockets/iMobile to Pay, Shop & Bank. This feature will be unlocked for you soon!’ while they click on PayLater option.

Customer Service Manager
ICICI Bank Limited.

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I have ICICI paylater with limit of Rs 10,000……its good for occasional online shopping