International Stock data from stockal, indmoney, appreciate,vested.

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I have very small portion of international stocks in all the 4 above brokers. 

How easily I can get the data in required format (cost of acquisition, current value, highest value, highest value date etc etc) 

which CA can use to show the same in the ITR

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Some one please tag him.

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avoid wasted at all costs

consolidate data in one good app

you will get taxation related documents from them just copy paste in itr


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How to consolidate data? 

If you can help me getting data at one app also it helps. 
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For indmoney and vested, based on my personal experience from past year, you get all the taxation documents required to fill ITR from their app itself. Capital gain statement, schedule FA, FSI, TR, form 67, 1042-s is needed. Same should be there for other apps too.

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I found the documents but the FA document generated from Vested seems to be wrong. 
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Do u file returns urself ? Better do it via a CA . 

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CA is asking for consolidated data
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