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Hello Everyone

I need to travel on 25 March and it’s urgent, however, I am not able to get a ticket (WL152). Request you to please let me know if you know any software for Tatkal or any tips.



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Gone are those days…. Now nothing works..atleast legally like any chrome extension… . U can try if there is premium tatkal in train u want to travel… Pt tatkal starts from normal tatkAl value.. Nd price increases with each booking… 

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After chart preparation (4hrs usually before departure) , curr_avl tickets open…. I book easily that… Check if it’s there for ur train

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The relevant auto booking app/extension keeps changing as IRCTC patches those auto bots

You should speak with an agent or travel booking guy so that he can get it to you. Might charge a few hundred bucks extra but atleast probability of getting tickets is higher

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depends on the route check how much time tatkal tickets last in your train try to find any alternative train where tatkal tickets last for 3 minutes then book quickly 

  1. save master list before hand and keep destination pincode handy
  2. remember all the fields u have to enter before hand 
  3. login in the site before 5 min of time but search train only after 1-10 sec of time or u’ll face error 
  4. use desktop site from a pc  cause app keeps loading a lot in first minute ( took me 140 seconds to book ticket just 2 days ago it keeps loading like hell even with good network )
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insta_vicky wrote:

That’s surely for normal travel routes with decent WL (that shows green in some forecasting apps like erail) tickets not this much

That’s surely for normal travel routes with decent WL (that shows green in some forecasting apps like erail) tickets not on scenarios like OP mentioned.


IMO, the above mentioned workaround is the best way out in case of having good connectivity and electricity. Else, go to some good agents who can make sure of a confirmed one. Heck of a problem really!! 

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Real story:
An acquaintance of mine used to book Tatkal tickets using softwares.
One fine day, policemen raided his shop and y’all know what happened next.

Currently, he’s selling kabootar(Piegon) for a living smile

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Why not use extensions like Tatkal for sure etc etc?

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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message me details, will get it done

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