Is fuel surcharge applicable on debit cards too?


I transacted for Rs. 300 at fuel pump with HDFC Bank Platinum debit card and I'm seeing fuel surcharge worth Rs. 3.54 has been levied on it.

I've used this debit card probably for the first time. Last time used IDFC First Bank Wealth debit card and no fuel surcharge waiver was added. It's a complete shocker for me and the first time on debit card (for me at least).

Is the norm with other debit cards too?

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Yes, read that before writing this post. I would like to know if it happens with other banks' debit card too?

Because it's actually my first time being levied fuel surcharge on a debit card. And as I mentioned, this didn't happen with IDFC First Bank debit card in the last week. Most probably SBI DC even won't do this which I would've used next time for refuelling.
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Yes bro same for me, fuel surcharge for 300 Rs. (Guess both of us got the offer for 300 Rs x 3 times tap n pay joy) I competed my 3 txns but still haven't received any voucher in Visa Tap n pay website.

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haha, yes, was doing this for Visa Tap & Pay offer only

you'll get the voucher within 15 days of transaction
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As far as I know, debit cards have surcharge levied.

That's why every credit card harks up the no surcharge perk.
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but this wasn't the case earlier, by earlier, I mean 2017-18 era because since then I started using Amazon Pay ICICI Bank CC which gave cashback as well as fuel surcharge waiver until it completely stopped later on ... then moved my fuel spends to OneCard and recently I'm back to UPI sadly
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If you go to Nayara (prev name reliance) fuel surcharge is there for HDFC DC

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upon checking T&Cs, found that it's there for HDFC Bank DC everywhere except for HDFC Bank PoS machines

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most banks have min limit of 400 for surcharge waiver. your txn is of 300.

use fabmoney card instead of direct debit card to get surcharge waiver + min 1% cashback

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