Is it safe to direct opening FD account?

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I want to create FD in indusind bank w/o opening a savings account is it safe , is there are chance of payment failed and amount get stuck?

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It is safe but payment to kabhi bhi fail ho sakti hai, refund aajayega

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@Ash-D can explain more on this
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Most public /private banks will open FD without savings account

Opting to open a Fixed Deposit without a Current or Savings Account doesn't mean compromising on security. FDs are renowned for their stability and are a steadfast choice for investors who prioritize the safety of their capital

If you already have a bank account, things becomes more easier 


Also If you don’t have a savings account AND wish to open an FD in a bank where you don’t hold an account, then you must submit documents like photo identity, address proof etc. and complete your KYC. You will have to submit these documents along with a filled up and signed application form.
On maturity bank would issue a cheque to deposit wherever we have our account or else we can take cash too. At times they will NEFT/RTGS your amount to your bank account if option available


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